SPIE International Year of Light Photo Contest 2015

SPIE International Year of Light Photo Contest

British photographer Paul Reiffer’s 35-second-exposure image of lights on and around the Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai is the winner of the SPIE International Year of Light Photo Contest. The depiction of what Reiffer called a “rainbow” of LED lights was selected from among nearly 800 images submitted to SPIE for the contest in 2014.
winning photo SPIE IYL Photo Contest
il resto dell’articolo si trova a questo link:
La foto vincitrice:
Via Lattea sul mulino di Tefia, Fuerteventura.


Foto di un utente.
Foto finalista dello “SPIE International Year of Light Photo Contest 2015” (32 finalisti da oltre 85 paesi a livello mondiale)
Foto esposta nel gennaio 2014 nella Galleria Cedav Arti Visive Grosseto.
The judges also selected 32 images as finalists for the contest’s People’s Choice Award. Members of the general public and the optics and photonics community will vote on their favorite photo from among these finalists later this year.
SPIE IYL Photo Contest Finalists
  • Sadai Pandiyan Azhagu-karpakam (India)
  • Maria Francesca Avila (Philippines)
  • Dipayan Bhar (India)
  • John Danrev Bolus (Philippines)
  • Mario Cardenas (UAE)
  • Bernardo Cesare (Italy)
  • Di Chang (Canada)
  • Inigo Cia (UK)
  • Spencer Cox (USA)
  • Jasper da Seymour (Australia)
  • SPIE Fellow Andrew Davidhazy (USA)
  • Abhijit Dey (India)
  • Jean-Luc Dorier (Switzerland)
  • Ebrahim Elmoly (Egypt)
  • Federico Giussani (Italy)
  • Laurie Hatch (USA)
  • David Huamani Bedoya (Peru)
  • Romado Javillonar (Philippines)
  • Handi Laksono (Indonesia)
  • Sandipan Mukherjee (India)
  • Gabriele Orlini (Italy)
  • Anze Osterman (Slovenia)
  • Vien Dong Phan (Vietnam)
  • Jose Ramos II (Philippines)
  • Daniela Rapavá (Slovakia)
  • Jiraporn Saenjae (Thailand)
  • Jadsada Saetiew (Thailand)
  • Md. Khalid Rayhan Shawon (Bangladesh)
  • Alexander Stepanenko (Russia)
  • Cory Stinson (USA)
  • Tunç Tezel (Turkey)
  • Nikki Sandino Victoriano (Philippines)
Details about voting on and viewing the images in the People’s Choice competition will be announced this spring.

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